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Woman calls out individuals who still use iPhone 12 in 2024



A Nigerian woman gets dragged mercilessly on Twitter after her tweet shaming people who still use iPhone 12 in 2024.

She had posted the tweet to her Twitter page, @theyluvvMoji, where she based users of iPhone 12.

She believes it is weird for people to still be using iPhone 12 or phones below that standard in 2024.

The lady who made the tweet.The lady who made the tweet.

According to her, most people should have upgraded beyond that level.

Many Netizens do not agree with her tweet and have called her out for her dissociation from the current reality in Nigeria.


Her controversial tweet below

Woman gets dragged for mocking individuals who still use iPhone 12 in 2024Woman gets dragged for mocking individuals who still use iPhone 12 in 2024

Here are some reactions to the post

@adeolami_w wrote: “With everything going on in the country, so this is your own problem??”

@liz_hijay noted: “You just know she has nothing going on in her life, if you check well sef she probably doesn’t even have money for her next meal.”

@chiiiiiisom said: “Tying worth and value to a phone in 2024 is crazier.”


@Oyin231_ added: “If one ‘intentional man’ don change phone give una i13, una dey feel like dangote 🤣”

@Rofiatgold asked: “The one you are using u bought it yourself??”

@ABfrommars wrote: “Nigerians are always rich online reasons why our government won’t make life easy for us”


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