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Baby Mama

Man seeks for advice over baby mama who wants him to fund her lifestyle



A man has cried out for advice over his baby mama who lives above her income and threatens to cheat on him whenever he refuses to fund her lifestyle.

The unknown man took to a social media platform to narrate his experience in the hope of getting an advice.

"The sad part is that I love her" – Man cries out for advice over baby mama who wants him to fund her expensive lifestyle

According to him, the baby mama always lives above her affordability and she expects him to be the one to fund her extravaganza.

He stated that whenever he refuses, the girl threatens to cheat on him, so that compels him to want to continue meeting her needs.

The man noted that he loves her deeply and his heart refuses whenever he wants to leave her; he also regretted having a child with her and he doesn’t want another person to raise his child.

He solicited advice from netizens over what to do.


His words …

“Hi Auntie Momoza.
Anonymous please to protect my identity. I have a girlfriend that lives beyond her affordability and expects me to fund it. When I refuse she threatens to cheat. She works at a fake furniture shop owned by a Pakistan but she says she only drinks Ice Tropez. That time her salary can only buy 12 Ice Tropez. She wants to wear expensive things and use latest iPhone which I must fund. My regret is having a child with her because she doesn’t mind sacrificing the child’s future for her to look cool on Insta and Tiktok. In December I gave her money to buy our child a laptop and she used it to go to Durban with her stockvel friends. She didn’t even feel guilty about it. The sad part is I love her. Everytime I try to leave her my heart refuses. And I don’t want another man to raise my child. I’m in love but unhappy. I don’t know what to do.”

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