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Shun selfish, mischievous politicians hiding under religion, ethnicity – Shehu advises Nigerians



Former lawmaker, Senator Shehu Sani has enjoined religious
leaders across the country to shun selfish and mischievous politicians that
hide under the guise of religion and ethnicity to divide the people during


He said there was a need for clerics to avoid politicians
that have lost power and are now whipping up all sorts of sentiments against
the government of the day.


Speaking during a dinner breaking fast held in Kaduna, Shehu
Sani said that poverty and hunger have been so weaponised to control the masses
for self aggrandizement.



He advised that clerics should use places of worship to
preach messages of peace and unity as well as enlighten adherents on the power
of voting good leaders during elections, believing that democracy can only
survive if there is equity, justice, progress and development.


Sani said that the country does not belong to one ethnic
group, stressing that, “Power has resided so long in the north that it has
become so toxic.”



He added, “Power in the North has not helped Northerners,
the region is still backward in all aspects of human and capital development.”


He advised northerners who are ganging up against President
Tinubu to instead support the government in the interest of progress and
development of the north as opposed to the quest for return of power to the



He explained that politicians that have failed to secure
appointments under the Tinubu-led government cannot manipulate them for
personal interest, saying that they had lost their sense of entitlements and
were now trying to whip up sentiments of some kind so as to be relevant.


On issues of security and economy, Senator Sani blamed
former President Muhammadu Buhari for failing to improve on the economy and
ensure adequate security of lives and property of the citizens, alleging that
the whole security apparatus was controlled by northerners and Muslims, yet
banditry and terrorism thrived.


Shehu said that many parents were afraid to send their
children to school for the fear of being kidnapped, stressing that mosques have
been raided and imams kidnapped or killed by bandits.


Source link: Nigerianeye

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