Nasarawa will contribute to federation account through Agriculture, Mining – Gov Sule

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Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State has said his administration’s strategy is to bolster the state’s contribution to the federation account through the development of agriculture and mining sectors.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s political program, monitored by DAILY POST, Sule stated the state’s commitment to diversifying its revenue sources beyond reliance on monthly allocations from the federation.

The Governor identified agriculture, mining, and oil and gas as key sectors being vigorously pursued to enhance Nasarawa State’s contribution to the federation account.

“Nasarawa will be known for what it has always been known for.

“You will be shocked to learn that because of this scarcity of food, in one area alone, one local government, Awe Local Government Area, the farmers on their own, the out-growers supplied almost 500 trucks of rice from that location alone. Nasarawa wants to be known for agriculture.

“In most cases, you will discover that we are either number one or number two or even number three in terms of particular crop production.

“We are the number one producer of sesame in the country. We are number five in rice production. We are number two in yam production in the country. Cassava we are number two in the country,” he stated.

Governor Sule also disclosed plans to engage youths in mechanized agriculture on a vast expanse of land, aiming to boost food production and create employment opportunities.

He stated the potential of the mining sector, pointing out the establishment of a lithium processing plant in collaboration with Chinese companies.

“Our plan is to employ some of our youths in the area of mechanized agriculture.

“We are going to buy more tractors than we need in that farm. We are already talking to some tractor suppliers, Mahindra and Co., and we are going to lease them to some of our farmers. So that our farmers can also do more,” Governor Sule added.

Governor Sule also identified mining, an area long neglected, which his administration is working tirelessly to revamp, saying it possesses great potential for the state.

“I just mentioned to you one area that has been neglected which I believe Nasarawa State is going to do very well, which is the area of mining.

“Along with the Chinese companies, we have built the first lithium processing plant that is going to be processing nothing less than 4000 metric tonnes per day.

“We are going to commission it in the next two months. It would be an opportunity for the foreign exchange,” he added.

The Governor further mentioned the prospect of oil and gas exploration in Nasarawa State, indicating the state’s readiness to tap into this sector’s economic benefits.

While acknowledging the ongoing exploration efforts, he expressed optimism about the state’s future involvement in the oil and gas industry.

“I am not talking about the oil yet. Because as far as the oil is concerned, they are still working on the exploration well which they started one year ago. And they have not finished that.

“From all indications, before they do the appraisals well and then unfold their development plan, it’s going to take longer before Nasarawa State begins to make an impact in the oil and gas sector,” Sule added.

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