Man flaunts gifts bride’s family gave her on traditional wedding day

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A viral video of a man flaunting the different gifts that a bride’s family gave her on her traditional wedding day has stirred reactions online.

The video that was shared captured various expensive gifts such as a couch; dining table and chairs; gas; mattress; sets of pots; and several other items.

man gifts bride's family traditional wedding

While making a record of the various items, the man noted that it is the usual custom in the community, Umuezukwu community in Onicha Igboeze in Ebonyi state to give the items to the bride.

According to the custom, they give her gifts as she goes on her journey to becoming a wife and starting her own family.

gloryanthony79 said: “This post will not go viral.
But if it’s where the bride price is 100million,
U will see mad people condemn Igbo culture.”

peace1000luv said: “What if the husband get all these things for house, what will happen now?”

rosezrred commented: “It is the tradition in the North, when a lady when you get married you come with all your household items just like this. So ask if the bride is from the north.”

uchescouc stated: “It’s normal thing in Njidaka Local Government of Anambra state Idu ulo, the man that posted this video is too local, he has not seen it before 😍”

Watch video below …

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