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FCCPC Shuts Popular Abuja Supermarket Over ‘Unfair Practices’



In a significant move to protect consumer rights, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has sealed off 4U Supermarket located in Wuse 2 district of Abuja.

The action was taken on Thursday as part of a broader enforcement exercise aimed at ensuring compliance with pricing and quantity regulations across the city.

According to FCCPC officials, the enforcement exercise targeted multiple supermarkets in Abuja. The crackdown focuses on mandatory price display and adherence to advertised quantities—a direct response to consumer complaints about escalating prices amidst the naira’s recent appreciation against major currencies.

“Frequent price discrepancies and failure to display prices clearly are unfair practices that undermine consumer trust and violate established regulations,” stated a spokesperson for the FCCPC during the raid. “Our aim is to ensure that all retailers abide by the law to maintain market fairness.”


The Commission has expressed its commitment to continue these surprise inspections to enforce compliance and protect consumer interests in the nation’s capital. This action underscores the FCCPC’s resolve to tackle unfair business practices and ensure transparency in pricing for all consumers.

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