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Women's Attitude To Pò Rnò Graphy

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S éx attitudes differ, and it is believed that men have a stronger sé xual drive when compared to women. But whenever you dig the internet trying to find the difference between male and female sé x attitudes, it seems that single answer is non-existent. One article would claim that women’s sé x attitude is less straight-forward and more emotionally affected than men’s, while another article would state that sé x attitude doesn’t rely on gender at all. You can easily assume that if everything is such a mess with sé x attitude, then you can expect the same mess when it comes to women’s attitude to pò rnò graphy, but you would be absolutely wrong. So, let’s check out how much women are into pò rn.

Surveys May Be Lying

Surveys tend to help us understand statistics, but what if people are not that sincere? According to the vast majority of surveys, 8%-10% of women are watching pò rn online. This is an extremely low number, which can let us assume that women are not that interested in p*rn. But what if women are ashamed to tell the truth? We should take in consideration that when it comes to sé x women are often less open to discussing the topic. What if in reality 45% of women are watching pò rn? What made us think that way? The survey conducted by Ann Summers!

Although the survey of sé x toys retailer is a strange source and is unlikely to evaluate the exact number of women watching pò rn, it can shed some light on what do women think about pò rn.

  1. Your Sé xual Life Will Benefit From Watching P òrn

According to Ann Summers’ survey women often watch p òrn as a manual about what to try next in bed. And it seems like quite a logical move. It is definitely better to use p òrn to spice up your sé x life, rather than using it as a substitute of the latter. Besides, according to the survey, women prefer watching p òrn together with their partners, and it turns out that couples who watch p òrn together have a better sé x life than those who don’t.

  1. P òrn means cheating?

Well, you’ve definitely heard that somewhere. A lot of men tend to believe that women consider watching p òrn as an act of unfaithfulness. But that is merely a myth, well, at least according to Ann Summers’ survey. 93% of survey participants didn’t consider watching p òrn as cheating. So, are men in relationships are safe to watch p òrn? On the larger scale – yes, but mind that there are still 7% of women who would consider you to be infidel for watching p òrn.

  1. The 21st Century – The Golden Age of P òrn ography

You can talk about the 1970s as long as you want, but in terms of the number of films produced and in terms of consumption, it is the 21st Century that should be considered the Golden Age of p òrn. And the survey allows us to say so, as 57% of respondents were millennials. And if we can make any possible judgements on the global scale, we can assume that over 50% of women are watching p òrn.

It is hard to come to any conclusion on whether women love or hate p òrn. Some of them like it, some of them think that p òrn is degrading. But we are sure that women will find a better use for p òrn than men.

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