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Why I remain active in acting even after marriage – Rahma MK



Aishatu Auwalu, popularly known as Rahma MK, is a popular Kannywood actress. She got married two years ago. In this interview, she shares her journey in the acting world; how she got the role of First Lady in the popular ‘KwanaCasa’in’ series and why she’s still acting even after getting married. Excerpt


Give us a brief history of yourself

My name is Aishatu Auwalu, popularly known as Rahma MK. I was born in Shika Development Area Giwa Local Government Area of Kaduna. I am married with three children. I have a diploma and work with the Ministry of Education in Kano State, and I am an actress.


How did you join the industry?

This is a question most reporters always ask me. I got interested in acting by watching films. I then spoke to my mum’s sister, and she said she’d make inquiries for me. We were passing by ‘gidan dan Hausa’ and we saw a scene being shot. I exchanged contacts with some of the directors and producers, and from that moment, I began getting calls for roles in films.

How many years have you been in the industry and can you remember your first camera scene?

I have spent over 11 years in the film industry. I was very happy on my first day on set. I was thrilled to be part of the cast. When I heard the ‘action’ call, I thought I would get cold feet, but when I began reading the lines, I flowed well. The production crew cheered me on for a job well done. The directors said I was good.

How many films you have featured in to date?


I don’t know,  but they could be more than 200, but I don’t know the exact number.

How did you get the First Lady role in ‘Kwana Casa’in’? Did you audition for it?

I was told to forward my CV if I was interested in ‘Kwana Casa’in.’ I submitted it and was called for an audition, which I passed.

What pleases you the most in ‘Kwana Casa’in’?

It is delightful for a woman to be governor and be allowed to govern on her terms. When I saw in the script that I had won the governorship, I was excited.


What scene are you most excited about in ‘Kwana Casa’in’?

A scene where I was speaking with Auta Baita. I usually don’t call him by his name but when I heard about the killings going on just for me to be governor, I told him ‘Auta Baita, if these killings and brutality are all for me to be governor, I don’t want to run anymore.’ It is the scene I am most excited about because Hajiya Rabi is a person who came to her senses and regretted her flaws.

How did you convince your husband to allow you to continue acting?

Acting is like any other career that a woman can engage in to earn a living, and I thank God that my husband understands that. I gave him examples of female bankers, doctors, and police women all going out to work. I pleaded with him to allow me continue with my career, and he agreed.

My marriage is two years old, and the fact that my husband has allowed me to continue with my career, I think, is fine.


Did you give your husband any conditions before your marriage?

A man has more powers to exert authority over a woman in marriage. I didn’t give him any conditions. I also told him that I wanted to continue my career, to which he agreed. His only condition was for me to continue to keep my chastity during my career, as I did before marriage. And I think this is more like an advice than a condition.

How do you take care of your husband’s needs when you are on location?

He would know ahead of time whenever I would be going out. I attend to him first, and when he is out, I prepare and go out for my location. Of course, I won’t stay late; I will have to return home early because I am married.

How do you take care of your children and family?


That is where a woman becomes a mother. A woman has to be able to take care of herself, her husband, her house, and her children before she is called a mother. Among women, you have mothers. I was already a mother of two and a government worker. When I got pregnant again and continued with my work, it felt normal. The way I set out for work is the same way I set out for film shooting.

What was your work like when you were pregnant?

If it is not an unforeseen circumstance, I think a pregnant woman can continue with her routine work, and I was able to continue my work normally because I didn’t experience pregnancy related ailments.

What is your work like now that you have an infant child to take care of?

I have a nanny. When I am on break, I take care of my baby, and when it is time to work, I give her to her nanny.


What sort of support does your husband give you?

Without the support of a husband, nothing can work in a marriage. If a husband doesn’t support his wife, she can’t progress even in a petty trade, let alone a woman who goes out for long hours or even spends days away from home. If the man doesn’t make sacrifices, nothing will be achieved. I thank God for the kind of husband I have and the support he gives me.

When will you quit acting?

I don’t know for now; I am still acting and will continue. Perhaps until my opportunities run dry. Even if it is my husband who stops me in the future, I am sure it would have been my opportunity that ran out.

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