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Venezuelan authorities arrest popular YouTuber for alleged terrorism



A popular Venezuelan YouTuber, Oscar Alejandro Pérez, has been arrested in Caracas on terrorism charges.

This follows President Nicolás Maduro’s government’s decision to crack down on free speech ahead of the upcoming elections.

The 37-year-old was arrested at Caracas airport in the country’s capital on his way to the southern national park.

A statement by the Youtuber’s family said: “According to available preliminary reports, the arrest is linked to accusations of terrorism-related activities.”


Pérez’s family said a hearing was expected in which they hoped the government “will clarify the details of the situation and ensure fair treatment in accordance with Oscar Alejandro’s legal rights.”

Venezuela’s government has increasingly used “terrorism” as a catch-all-term to jail opposition figures, rights observers and researchers in recent months.

The accelerating crackdown is believed to be an attempt to silence all political discussion through intimidation ahead of elections expected for July, rights groups say.

The popular opposition figure Marina Carina Machado was forced to withdraw from the presidential contest last week after two of her closest aides were arrested.

Machado’s last-minute replacement, the 80-year-old philosopher Corina Yoris, was then barred from entering July’s contest by Venezuela’s electoral body.


Source link: Daily Post

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