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Student bully apologizes to Nigerians, victim



The female student of Lead British School, Abuja who bullied her classmate in a viral video has publicly apologized to Nigerians and her victim for her misconduct.

Gistreel reported earlier today that a girl named Namtira Bwala was being bullied by her classmates in school.

Lead British School: Student bully apologizes to Nigerians, victimLead British School: Student bully apologizes to Nigerians, victim

While the lads nearby were heard laughing and teasing her, the student was observed taking multiple slaps from her classmates in the video.

In a recent video, the young lady sincerely apologized to Nigerians for what she had done to her classmate, Namtira. She declared that she hoped it had never occurred.

See netizens’ reactions below:


Amanda Chinda suggested: “A bully should be bullied by someone older or stronger so they would know how it’s feels. At this age she already knows what she’s doing.”

The Design Nurse reacted: “She’s sorry cause she got caught, not cause she regrets her action. Someone tape her left and right 6 times then we’ll call it even. Preferably a Maritime student.”

Mobalaji Abdul stated: “She looks so innocent. Maybe this is the bully. They must have taken someone else or make this girl says he’s guilty to what she didn’t do”

Kemi_Blues said: “So na just apology that girl go collect after that plenty slap ?? 🥺🥺🥺 Oma se oh.”


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