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Spiritual Leader Tasks Tinubu On National Reforms



The Spiritual Leader, Soul Makers Ministry Worldwide, Chief Owolabi Salis, has called on President Bola Tinubu on the need to brace up and address far-reaching reformational policies capable of lifting the nation from the doldrum.

The U.S-based lawyer made the remark at the annual two-week fasting of the group known as Moonlight Fasting.

He disclosed that the crucial task of the presidency becomes not only important but also necessary to salvage the poor from the yoke of poverty, misery, and squalor.

The Ikorodu-born former Alliance for Democracy (AD) gubernatorial candidate in Lagos State, asserted that, “By now Nigeria should be in a hurry to catch up with leading nations of the world in keeping pace with the trend of modernity.”


According to him, the entire blacks all over the world, and Africans in particular, look up to Nigeria as the nation encompassing the largest concentration of blacks in Africa and the diaspora, to live up to the billings of our founding fathers, who envisioned a great nation that will rub shoulders with the superpowers in the comity of nations.

Commenting on the mission of the ministry, he said, “The two-week annual fasting often commences two weeks before the end of Ramadan with a celebration that coincides the same day, with the end of Ramadan.

“A unique feature of the exercise is that adherents are allowed to take water in the course of the fasting because air and water are the spirits of the body and food of the soul. Fasting against water is therefore forbidden because it’s like fasting against the air you breathe,” Salis stated.

While elaborating on the unique doctrine of the Ministry, he remarked: “Under The Soul Maker Ministry, we encourage devotees to see things from nature, as made and written by The Soul Maker to free their minds of the damaging conflicts and enhance their spiritual and physical beings.”

He buttressed that the soul is deposited in human beings in holy form and one is better off keeping it holy by desisting from facing or worshiping wood, metal, stone, human beings, or any idol.


“Doing so makes your soul unholy, and dirty, and can be spiritually attacked by competing idols,” said the spiritual leader.

Salis reiterated that The Soul Maker should be worshipped directly because when the soul is deposited in a being, it is deposited directly and not through any intermediaries.

He added “A sinner cannot lead you before The Soul Maker in holy prayers because sinners are not holy, and you cannot pray to The Soul Maker in the name of any mortals because mortals don’t create the soul and do not own one.

He, however, stated, “The Soul Maker is the Lord of Diversity; The Soul Maker created everything in the Universe and its expansion in diversity.

“Respecting diversity and building positive relationships among diverse interests is also a pathway to being honored by The Soul Maker.


“Those who disrespect diversity are dishonorable in the eye of The Soul Maker.”

Salis, who is on a pilgrimage to the North Pole, said under the Soul Maker Ministry, pilgrimage is not limited to a particular region or place because the Almighty Lord of the Universe is a Lord of diversity who has created many places with diverse spiritual qualities.

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