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Senegal Makes Historic Cocaine Bust, More Than One Tonne Seized in Record Inland Haul



Customs officials in Senegal have made a significant breakthrough in the fight against drug trafficking after intercepting an unprecedented amount of cocaine.

The staggering haul, weighing in at over a tonne, was discovered hidden within packets concealed in bags on a lorry in the town of Kidira, near the border with Mali.

Valued at a staggering $146 million, this seizure represents the largest inland confiscation of cocaine in Senegal to date.

This recent success underscores a growing trend of drug interceptions in the country. Just last November, Senegal’s navy seized a staggering three tonnes of cocaine from a ship off the coast. These incidents highlight the increasing efforts of authorities to combat the flow of narcotics through Senegal, which serves as a crucial transit point for Latin American drug cartels trafficking illicit substances to Europe and other destinations.


Melissa Enoch

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