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Report Corrupt Conducts, Wrongdoings, NIMASA DG Tells Staff



The director general of the Nigerian Marítime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Dr Bashir Jamoh, on Thursday, charged staff of the agency to report and speak up against misconducts and wrongdoings through proper anti-corruption channels

Jamoh disclosed this during the inauguration ceremony for the Anti-corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU), of the agency in Lagos.

Jamoh who was represented by the director Internal Audit, Olamide Odusanya, said corruption has plagued the society, thereby eroding public trust, hampering development and denying justice.

He stated that corruption has led to the nation’s resources needed to empower and develop the nation’s economy being syphoned.


“Every Nigerian is aware that Corruption has long plagued our society, eroding public trust, hampering development, and denying justice.

We have seen how corruption can infect all levels of government, business, and even civil society. It is a scourge we must all confront aggressively especially during this tough economic period for our nation.

“We have seen how corruption syphons away resources needed to empower and develop our economy. We see it in the efforts needed to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030, including no poverty, zero hunger, and clean water and sanitation. It is indeed a scourge we must confront. We need to work hard to develop systems that entrench peace, access to Justice and encourage the establishment of strong institutions.”

“We need everyone’s participation to cut outdated systems and cultures that allow corruption to take root. In particular, the government has a crucial responsibility to lead by example. Those in office must reject graft and serve with integrity. Government policies and institutions shape the environment that allows corruption to thrive or wither. So we urge increased transparency.

“I urge all fellow colleagues -do not sit silent when you witness misconduct. Speak up, report wrongdoings through the proper channels and set examples of integrity. Lead by Example by following the rules, not bending them. Let the US show that good governance is possible,” he stated.


“As you embark on this important mission, remember transparency, fairness, and moral courage will be your guides. It should be all our guides. Do not lose hope when progress seems slow. Remain vigilant against cynicism. With truth as your ally, justice will prevail,” he stated.

Speaking earlier, the resident Anti-corruption Commissioner, Lagos State, Kabir Elelu, applauded NIMASA for its unwavering commitment  to eradicating Practices within NIMASA and the Maritime sector.

He disclosed that the reason for the establishment  of ACTUs in  federal government  MDAs was to facilitate and complement the efforts of ICPC in promoting high moral standards, work ethics and values needed to achieve Organisational goals to eradicate Corrupt tendencies.

He said ACTU in the last 22 years has been instrumental in identifying corrupt prone practices, conducting investigations that has led to  recommendations for disciplinary punishments which shows its effectiveness in carrying out its mandate.

“The establishment, successes and issues associated with ACTU, highlight the importance of these entities promoting transparency and accountability throughout the government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). The joint method of involving citizens in the prevention and combat corruption is admirable. It demonstrates a deep understanding tha personnel within organisations are best placed to recognize and address corruption concerns.


“Let me remind you, the main reason for the establishment of ACTU in Federal Government MDAs is to facilitate and complement the efforts of ICPC in promoting high moral standards, work ethics and values needed to achieve organisational goals and objectives with a view to eradicating corrupt tendencies in its entirety. ACTU’s influence over the past 22 years is visible in the positive changes it has brought about and from the instances of achievements, such as identifying corrupt-prone practices and conducting investigations that resulted in recommendations for disciplinary punishments.”

“This demonstrates ACTU’s effectiveness in carrying out its mandate. ACTU, involvement in budget execution, procurement procedures and membership on important committees highlights its vital role in ensuring due process, norm and ethical compliance,” Elelu stated.

He, however, highlighted the challenges that ACTU members face ranging from underfunding and being viewed as spies.

“The Commission is not unaware of the challenges that ACTU members face, such as being viewed as spies and being underfunded. I am glad to inform you that the ICPC is actively addressing these concerns through methods such as Desk Officer development and the establishment of ACTU Effectiveness Index. To be relevant and successful, ACTU must commit to continuous training at constant relationship with the commission not only through the desk officer but also through the head of the state office.”



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