Survey Reveals Top 10 Sexual Festishes In UK

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People have different ways of expressing their passion and getting intimate when it comes to bedroom matters.

It is believed by many that sex establishes deep physical and emotional bond between couples so it is understandable that people sometimes go to extra lengths in exploring kinks and sexual preferences.

Today, January 17 2020, the United Kingdom is celebrating it’s National Fetish Day and as a way of joining in, Killing Kittens, a company that organises sex parties for pleasure-seeking people has revealed the top 10 fetishes in the UK through a new survey.

Unsurprisingly, topping the list is BDSM that has 16% of the respondents in the study claiming that this is their all-time kink. BDSM stands for Bondage/Discipline/Dominance/Submission/Sadism /Masochism.

Coming in as a runner-up for 2020 are those with foot fetishes with 5%.

Meanwhile, exhibitionism, restraints, group sex and latex are all tied for third place.

The study had 405 participants and although the number is quite small,  additional findings by Vivastreet, which analysed the most popular Google fetish search terms, revealed similar results.

The full list below:


The Top 10 Fetishes | Metro

Other fetishes that people mentioned but weren’t among the top 10 include kissing someone with a gushing nose bleed, getting freaky between the sheets with the help of hairbrushes, wellies and flowers.  Others confessed that they have a thing for dimples and being pressed up naked against the cool glass of a tall building, as well as getting paid for sex

Interestingly, the study also found that 31% of the 405 participants have always known they were into their particular fetish of choice, while 14% said that they discovered it when having fun with a new lover. Half of those who took part also said they were comfortable openly chatting to friends about their kinks.

We recently reported Nigeria and Ghana topped PornHub’s list of countries searching for BBW. The United Kingdom narrowly missed the top 10 by placing 12th on the list.


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