Can August Alsina Possibly Be Cheating On Will Smith's Wife Jada Pinkett, As Evident In His New Song? [See Reactions]

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Social media lights up with August Alsina's new song insinuating he smashed Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett

People are now confused following the released August Alsina's new song and that makes one suspects that Jada Pinkett Smith cheated on Will Smith with him.

 After Alsina released his Forever and a Day EP last month, where the singer put his own twist to Kehlani’s “Nunya” and talks about a past lover who didn’t know what she had until he was gone.

“Putting on a show / ‘Cause you don’t want the world to know / That you lost a man who loved you all along.  I gave you time to make me a priority / Put my feelings out there / You ignored it. Ain’t nunya business to know who I’m with” he sings.

Fans began piecing the puzzle together because the name of the person who he’s texting in the video is Koren, and coincidentally, that’s Jada’s middle name. What really put the icing on the cake was at the end of the clip above, August Alsina sends a GIF of Jada to “Koren” in the midst of their back and forth.

Not too long ago, August Alsina appeared as a guest on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talkshow, where he revealed his deepest battles with drug addiction to the world. During the same episode, Jada related to August, as she revealed she had her own struggles with an addiction, however, it was a sex addiction.

Jada and August Alsina have grown incredibly close, since sharing such deep parts of their past lives together. Alsina spoke on his relationship with the Smith family and he is definitely embraced by them.

However, since August Alsina released his new cover of Kehlani's "Nunya," fans are suspecting that he and Jada had a little more than just a regular friendship.

See all the social media reactions below....

August Alsina got a whole song talkin bout him and Jada even got her picture in it. I guess sis broke his heart heart?

— qυ??? ?aja??‍??? (@QueenMajaa) March 30, 2019

Wait... so we’re not gonna discuss how August Alsina did a remix to Nunya talkin about his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith?

— A Dove's Tale ? (@adovestale)

Will and Jada was running trains on August Alsina?

— Dos (@DosRivers)

Nah, August Alsina messy for that “Nunya” text video, alluding to Jada *Koren* Pinkett Smith ??‍??

Only thing almost worse than a man lying on his dick, is a grown as person who kisses and tells.

— Keda (@ItsKedaLove) March 31, 2019

Jada has a whole WILL SMITH and decides to play with August Alsina!? I don’t understand women sometimes!

— Laura Living Life (@living_laura) 

August Alsina clapping Jada's cheeks confirmed? Cold cold world

— Biggaz ?? (@Sungizzle)

August Alsina insinuating he had sex with Jada Pinkett Smith is a prime example of why men are the biggest chatty patties out there

— Tommy Shelby (@Notufatjesus_)

Jada cheated on Will Smith. With August Alsina. All my goals shattered ??

— J. Hilliard3 (@JazminHilliard)

This man August Alsina is the fucking goat ??

— Manny (@E__spn) April 3, 2019

August Alsina fucked Will smith wife, confirmed. What is goin on. What is goin on?? I feel like a confused old man

— The sole surviving pencil-mack (@SoMuchForVenom)

I won’t lie that lil August Alsina Jada song catchy

— Dazsha. (@dazshalecole)

I know I’m late but August Alsina and Jada?

— Tesa aka Universal Amani ?? (@UniversalAmani)

if august alsina really was fucking jada pinkett smith, that shit fye

— IG: @1andonlykc?? (@1andonlykc_)

so august alsina one of THEM kinda niggas ? a kiss & tell ass nigga...??

— kennedy ? gayle (@kennslays) April 3, 2019

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