"Why Do Most Ladies Fall For Bad Guys?"

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The Good Girl falling for the Bad Boy is a universal phenomenon. Many girls confess to being drawn to the wrong boys and this is one mystery the world may never unravel...

You will hear ladies talk about their need for a sincere,loving,faithful,romantic....guy but when they eventually have one asking them out they start acting up and in most cases, they usually don't develop any feelings for such.

In many instances i have heard ladies say " x is a great guy, he is caring, romantic...but I don't have any feelings for him but g is who I want but he is just treating me like poo and making me unhappy"

Please how do we reconcile a situation where many ladies keep desiring guys who treat them like pooh and at the end they cry over avoidable heart break...

I have seen several cases where I will tell a lady clearly that I'm not in yet she will just be ok with flings yet she will tell me about men who are genuinely interested in them. I guess im the bad guy in this situation cos i have no feelings for them.

This is one mystery I don't understand but maybe anyone else can give a clear reason to this strange phenomenon.

Nairalanders over to you all.

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