OAP N6 comes to Peruzzi's defence

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Popular Nigerian OAP, N6 has weighed in Peruzzi and Pamilerin's matter.

In a bid to trend online, N6 has rather suprisingly taken Peruzzi's side. Remember that Peruzzi was caught in the act of repeatedly slapping a popular social media influencer, Pamilerin Adegoke. A whole lot of Nigerians attacked Peruzzi for his actions against Pamilerin, but N6 decided to have his back by showing his full support.

N6 shared a picture on his Instagram page defending Peruzzi with the caption:

“#AwonCloutChasers #AwonKeyboardGangsters#DontStartNoneWontBeNone Nigerians need to Learn that you do Not Come For another Human Being then Dictate how they React #TalkShitGetBanged I don’t support Violence but KEEP UP THAT KEYBOARD ENERGY IN REAL LIFE IS ALL IM SAYING… Not all of Us are Built To Ignore.”

See his post below:


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