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"Nigeria To Europe Through The Desert" A True Life Story By Gaby

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Hello guys,due to the overwhelming support i have received from a seemingly innocent comment on a previous thread and in response to popular demand to create a separate thread to chronicle my experiences,i have decided to do this here. However,i would like to point out and crave your understanding to the honest fact that i might not be doing a bare it all here. This is so because at the moment no one can tell where or when special interests might come knocking for my story. I wouldn't want to have bared it all in here and be left with nothing to hand prospective suitors. ( everybody like money) The experiences i'll be sharing here are going to be straight up first hand as it happened to me some 20 years ago,beyond and present as it might relate to my narrative. To get a proper perspective i might have to do a background intro so you readers will better understand how i ended up venturing on this voyage of yes/no return as the case may be. It is imperative to state here for the sake of clarity that i am doing this not for some cheap popularity or attention-seeking-ego-massaging trip,i am taking this up as a first step to finding me healing from all the trauma and also to pass on a lesson or two to you readers on the dangers inherent on this journey. I'm naturally a pretty well private person who's known to bottle up stuffs a lot,this explains why this is the first time i'll be baring my experiences of some 20 years ago for the first time straight up as it is. I'll hope you guys enjoy reading as i give the narratives but i'll prefer a question and answer session kind of. I even confuse sef. Please note that my narrative here is not an expert advise on travelling by road or illegally,neither does it seek to promote or encourage same. I stand against and condemn all illegalities as it relates to travelling and otherwise. Here's the thread that got us here

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