What You Should Know About Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment 2017

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Read the important facts about Nigerian Prison Service recruitment 2017. Some news will surprise you!

Nigeria Prison Service recruitment 2017

Now let’s learn the latest updates of NPS recruitment. You should remember that to ascertain if it has officially started you must check the NPC Recruitment website.

Here you can look at the general requirement for recruitment in 2017:

1. Every person must be a Nigerian by birth or descent.

2. You must be not less than 18 and no more than 35 years old.

3. For men – not less than 1.7 m in height, for women – 1.64 m.

4. You should have a fully expanded chest measurement. It must be not less than 0.87 m.

5. You must be sure that a Government Medical Officer has proven you to be mentally and physically fit for appointment into the NPC.

6. You must not be suffering from some form of physical/mental illness.

7. You need not have any form of financial difficulties.

8. You should not be found guilty of committing any criminal offense.

Candidates with these medical issues need not apply:

- With problems of vision;

- With difficulty hearing;

- With a previous serious orthopedic operation;

- Flat-footed;

- Some natural disability like stammering;

- And pregnant women.

If you need to know the recruitment details, schedule, etc - visit their official website.

To begin with, every member must know the history of Nigerian Prisons Service. It all began in 1861. It was the time of the beginning of the prisons’ service in the country. A Western-type prison was founded. The Lagos declaration (as a colony) inaugurated the beginning of the institution of a formal government institution. A concern for the colonial government was to protect legitimate trade and guarantee the profit of British traders.

Nigerian building

The incumbent governor of the Lagos colony was a well known British distributor in 1861. To that end, he created a Police Force of 25 police officers. This led to the creation of four courts in 1863.

The functioning of the police and courts in a colonial situation means the prison is necessary to complete the system.

After some time, in 1872, the Broad Street prison was founded with an initial capacity of 300. In the Niger Delta, the relationship between the locals and the British traders was moderated by special merchant courts (with the British Navy support). The gradual invasion of the British people into the interior led to the creation of prisons as the last link in the criminal justice system.

Nigeria Prison Service

But nevertheless, the colonial prison was not intended to reform anyone. There was no systematic criminal policy that would guide criminal cases. Instead, prisoners were mainly used for public works and other jobs for the colonial administration.

Finally, in 1934 an important effort was made to introduce a relative modernization into the penitentiary service. The abolition of Native Authority prisons in 1968 was the beginning of the Nigeria Prison Service as a composite reality. At the workforce level, the Service has more profession men now than it had before.

It can be said that all of these recruitment are very strict but there are different reasons. You have learned the Nigerian Prison Service recruitment and a lot of other interesting information. Maybe some of these facts will help you in future!

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