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'Is This A New Method Used By Scammers?'

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Just last week, I got a text message written in Yoruba language. The only thing I could decipher was the word 'card'. Of course there were numbers that looked like recharge card pins. I just ignored and deleted the message because I wasn't expecting any such thing from anyone.

Just about 10 minutes later, I got a call from someone asking me to send the message back to him and begging that I should not load the card, that it was intended for someone else. I said no problems.

Three days later, the guy called me and said his father wants to speak with me. I was like, for what? He said the father wants to thank me for the recharge card I did not use. I said, why would I use something that does not belong to me. But he said the father was itching to talk to me. So I agreed to speak with him.

When the father came on the phone, he started showering praises on me, in a tone of an elderly Yoruba man who was struggling to speak English. He said he is surprised that people like me are still in existence. Then he asked me my name and location, which I told him.

Lastly, he asked me where I work and I told him I was looking for a job. Then he started praying for me. However, the thing that he said that made feel that they are scammers was that, the baba asked if anyone was there with me. I said yes. He said he wants to consult an Oracle for me and nobody should be there with me. Immediately, I told him that I don't do oracles and I don't believe in them. And he hung up.

So my question is, are these new methods adopted by scammers? Has anyone here experienced similar stuff? Perhaps others can learn from this.

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