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How Would You Feel If A Loved One Forgot Your Birthday?

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So, Yesterday was my birthday but before that, two days to my birthday, i changed my facebook birthday date to another date. I really wanted to know if my close friends knew my date and won't be waiting for any facebook reminder. The result i got though have really made me to ask myself if my 'close friends' are really my close friends. My 'best friend' that I've known for nine years now haven't called me up till today to wish me happy birthday or apologize for not remembering. I remember trying to call him on his birthday and his number wasn't going through, i had to call his girlfriend in order to reach him and his comment when I later got through to him that night was 'It's now you're calling me since morning'. Likewise my female 'bestie' that I've known for 6 years now,she hasn't called either. The list goes on. My dad, in his late 60s though, didn't remember my birthday as well. I had to tell my mum and siblings not to remind him so I'll see if he remembers. At 28,i believe I'm not a kid though to be wanting affection and birthday wishes from my old man but I just feel it's something a parent shouldn't forget. To crown it all, I got a girlfriend this past January and Yea, she forgot my birthday as well after most recently telling her last week Thursday. She called and texted today to apologize but I just told her to give me a week off without calls, texts or visits. Although she didn't agree and was still persistent but that's the verdict I have for her. All in all though, I was and I'm still kinda disappointed with these 'Key' people in my life that I expected not to ever forget such an important day to me but they all did. But still, I don't think it should make me change my mindset towards them even though it hurts. So guys, passing the speech stick to you, 'How would you feel if your loved one forgot your birthday?'

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