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How Is Your Spiritual Life?

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Alot of christains these days are living their lives like it nobody's business. I am not saying its anyone's business either but, our SPIRITUAL LIFE isn't what we should take for granted if we must please God and wish to make heaven at last. many like myself would say its not getting any easier living a dedicated christian life, especially in this growing perverted world but like the bible rightly advice "Be not CONFORMED to this world(join them) but be ye TRANSFORMED(stand out) by the renewing of your mind". romans 12: 2 1-some one time vibrant christains have now become lively sinners 2-some got born again for long but no fruit to redundant 3- some are just church goer's noting more 3-some are only men pleasers and only worship their church amd pastors 4- some are only hiding under church office positions..but secretly they are dead in sin 5- some are very good pretenders 6- some are only feel good christians..(lukewarm) 7-some only chose the part of the bible that suit them and negate the rest. 8- some are now apostate ..its a pity 9- some hide under the name of emacipation but indeed they are enslaving the gulible 10- some are rising and falling christians that cant stand their ground 11- some are fearful and lazy christians that easily switch grounds 12- only few are standing. no one is perfect..but if we desire and so will, with dedication and devotion, couple with deeper comitment to God and GODs word ....with persistence personal prayers and constant indwelling in Gods presence gives us a better chance...but not by works either but, by Gods grace and HOLY SPIRIT can we have a "winning christian life" ..amen how is your spiritual life?

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