As An Adult Which Of These 2 Statements Scare You Most?

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Growing up is one inevitable challenge we all have as human. Atimes we even want to grow up so fast, thinking life is sweeter as an Adult, na Bills go almost kill you ?

As an Adult there are some certain things that scare us the most, but these 2 statements below are the ones that can pull your ghost out of your sleeve in a nano seconds.

See the statements below:-

When The Doctor Says We Need To Do A Full Test For You

Whenever you are sick and you go the hospital for treatment, and the doctor asks that you do a full checkup before he can do anything ?

Majority of us always think HIV Test is part of it. Person liver/mind go don cut anyhow ??

This statement can humble anyone no matter how strong or matured you claim to be.

When A Babe You Nack Raw Call To Say “We Need To See O”

And the second one is; When a girl or lady you had a raw s*x with tells you she really needs to see you urgently ?? Abi she don get Belle ni?

The thoughts that will run through your head within that few minutes, e go be like say heaven wan fall ??

E no easy mehn and all these babes no say that statement dey tension guys but they will still decide to say it like that. They don’t care ?

Sometimes, when a lady calls you like this, 2 strong things come to mind sharply ? 1. Is She Pregnant? 2. Abi she don go do test and it’s HIV Positive?

I know you guys can sure relate to the two statements above.

But Guys ?

Which Of These Two Statements Scare You More?

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