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What Are The Expected List From When Getting Married To Igbo Girls?

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Okay so i am about getting married to Nonye, i actually love her and i willing to settle down with her but my fear is if i can handle what it takes because i have heard a lot about Igbo people and the inlawship.

So dear Nipers, I need a glimpse, what should i be expecting in order to be well prepared. I have asked Chinonye but she seem not be opening up has she said she dont much since she didnt grow up in the village and of course her parents are in good position to tell me all that.

I am not rich, so i am not poor, i am living an average life right now and my monthly income is actually less than 100k including some normal street hustle...

I hope to get an idea from you guys.

One love and happy money making.


From Tolu.

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