The Lost Joy Of My Mother (A Must Read)

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Money Doesn't Answereth All Things

I have come to understand that there's more to life, beside just working to earn money, to put food on the table and to pay family bills, there's really more to life! 

I, am using myself as a subject matter! 
I am a young graduate, computer science to be precise! 29yrs.

Hired by a company that pays me massively. I am the only son of my parents, my mom is the only one who aided in my studies during my days in University. 

Now I've graduated, working and earning massively to supply my mom's need, to the extent that she lacks almost nothing! But I've come to discover that despite being well-to-do, my mom isn't having the joy of the heart and the happiness expected of her, hence her son is doing well at his young age! 

I've had series of discussion with her asking what is eating her up!
"What is that thing that always throws you off balance mom? What troubles you?  "I asked her just last Sunday! 
She will only leave me with smiles and walk away! Oboooy, this is really not funny,  I must confess! 

I decided to bring this discussion here, if anyone here can help tell me Why my mom isn't having that joy expected of her. "The Joy of Motherhood" is really far fetched from her! 
She's a single parent mother! 
She use to be a happy mother during my days in school! 

What Could be the Challenge(s) facing my mom? 
Are mine her problem? 
How can I make her speak out! 

Pls help, your response will go long way to resuscitate my mom's Joy back! 

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