6 Tips on How to Learn Things Quickly.

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How do we learn things in a way that allows us to go from knowing nothing to being good in everything within a short period of time? There is one idea that keeps coming up repeatedly, “the ten thousand rules” which say, “it takes 10,000 hours to learn something”. It’s not true. The order of magnitude of going from knowing absolutely nothing to being good in knowing something is about 20 hours, not 10,000 hours.

Below are 6 steps to learn things quickly;

  1. Establish your goal.

The first thing is to decide exactly what you want, what you think you will be able to do, how is it going to look like when you are done? What are you going to be able to look at and say to yourself, “I did this thing that I have always wanted to do?  The more effective way you can define exactly what you want, the easier you get closer to your goals.

  1. Deconstruct the skill.

 Most of the things that we think of as skills are not really just one skill, they are bundles of smaller sub-skills that we use in combination with each other. Instead of trying to learn everything at once, try and brake it into sub-sections and practice the most important ones that that will be most useful and easier for you to do..

  1. Researching.

Researching is the process of investigating or examining to seek for facts. When researching you should break your research into subsection and concentrate on the important subsection first before others. Get at least 3 to 5 books, courses, DVDs, trainers, or resources that can help you in the process of researching.

  1. Remove barriers to practice.

Making it easy to sit down and do the thing you want to get better at. In our lives, we have thousands of distractions. During a practice process, turn off the TV, block the internet, close the door, turn off your cell phone. In doing this you are trying to remove the distraction that can take your focus away from whatever thing you are trying to learn.

  1. Educate others

 You can learn and remember more if you teach someone else what you have learnt. What you are working on can easily be assimilated if you are sharing the idea by teaching someone else.

  1. Take a study NAP

Getting sleep in-between study is very import because it helps to boost your recall ability when it comes to retaining what you learnt. During the process of sleeping your brain rest for some time, and once you wake up the brain will easily recall what you were studying initially.

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