Policeman killed during fight over burial food in Delta

A policeman identified as Imomoh, died over the weekend during a clash between the youth and a team of soldiers drafted to maintain peace at the burial reception in honour of a 111-years-old woman in Boboroku community of Jesse.

According to reports, there was rowdiness during the sharing of food and drinks, and in the process some of the youth allegedly made attempts to disarm two soldiers, who had tried to restore orderliness.

One person was reportedly shot on the leg as others sustained various degrees of injuries in the melee that ensued, while the windscreen and windows of at least five cars, including one hilux belonging to the soldiers, were also destroyed by the youths who went berserk over the incident.

According to vanguardngr, the late policeman, who resides in the community, was said to have tried to intervene during the rowdy session between the soldiers and the youths.

Paul Amodu, a guest at the reception said: “The soldiers were called in to restore calm after the youths in the community tried to hijack food meant for guests at the reception.

Vexed by the presence of the soldiers, the youths turned their anger on them, leading to fisticuffs amidst gunshots by the soldiers, during which Imomoh was said to have been hit by a bullet; he slumped and died.

The death of the policeman enraged the youths who went wild, attacking guests and destroying vehicles.

The soldiers had to apply minimum force in trying to defend themselves by shooting into the air to scare the rampaging youths, who were trying to disarm them leading to the shooting of one person in the leg.”



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17 Replies to “Policeman killed during fight over burial food in Delta”

  1. What a sad story that someone have to die celebrating 111 years old woman. Above all you can see the level of hunger in the land.
    Despite the Global food for all nation program in Nigeria

  2. Imagine these, things are happening in our society look at what food has generated to I shed tears for this country o

  3. How sad that all of this happened because of food at a burial ceremony youths went berserk the army was called in and out resulted in the death of a policeman may hos soul rest in peace.

  4. Nawao for people, burial now is a place u go and fight for food? Chai this police man just lose his life because of people carelessness. Bad news

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