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Pastor Enenche was right to question lady with ‘BS.C in law’ – NBA President



The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Yakubu Maikyau, has spoken on the controversy surrounding the recent testimony by one Vera Anyim, who said she graduated from the National Open University with a B.Sc degree in Law.

Last Sunday, Vera came on the altar of Dunamis Church in Abuja to share a testimony on how God made her the “only graduate in her family”.

During the testimony, Vera said she graduated with a “BSc in Law” from NOUN.

Pastor Enenche asked what kind of degree she graduated with and she said ‘’B.Sc in Law.”


The clergyman accused Vera of lying.

The development sparked a nationwide outrage, with divergent opinions from Nigerians.

Apologizing, Enenche said his action was based on his and the church’s aversion to seeming mediocrity and any appearance of untruth.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, the NBA President said no university in Nigeria offers B.Sc in law.

He faulted the lady for arrogating to herself a title that never existed.


“I was privileged to have watched the video of a woman who stood up in church and, supposedly, was giving a testimony of how she went through challenges and now has graduated from an open university or so.

“And the man of God sitting in that congregation himself sensed that there was something wrong with the supposed testimony.

“And what he said is also something that is complementary of the legal profession in a way.

“Because he said, the way the person who was testifying spoke.

“The English that she spoke, bad as the situation, was reflective of an English spoken by a lawyer.


“And that was how he now posed the question.

“And himself also acting like a lawyer that has mastered the skills of cross-examination and asked her to describe because he said, OK, if you read medicine, it should be NBBS.

“Now that you have graduated and you have a law degree, what is it called? The person said, B.Sc.

“So, should we be answering the question of whether there is B.Sc in law?

“I don’t think so. It is not the Council of Legal Education that says so.


“It is not the body of benchers that call lawyers to the bar that says you have B.S.c. It is not NBA. that says so.

“It is not the body of benchers that call lawyers to the bar that says you have B.S.c. It is not NBA. that says so.

“The person who attempted to arrogate B.Sc law to herself was found to have lied. We should really be wasting time talking about someone who has lied.

“And of course, everyone knows that that is not the way to describe the degree in law is never described like that.

“It is not B.Sc. And if you want to have one so that you can appreciate what it is really.


“And I’m sure the sales of JAMB forms have started, get one JAMB form, get admitted at the end of that training. Four, five years training, we know exactly what the degree is or what it is when you study law. That is certainly not B.Sc law.

“And the person who said it was found to have lied. We shouldn’t be wasting our time.

“That is not the way she pressed forward. Press forward towards things that are true.”

Source link: Daily Post

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