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Arewa Think Thank

North Has No Choice But To Vote Tinubu Again In 2027



The Arewa Think Thank group has submitted that the North must be sincere with itself and recognize that it can’t stop the second term bid of President Bola Tinubu in 2027.

The group said the North had just concluded eight years in power before Tinubu came in and should not think of returning to power yet.

The Convener of Arewa Think Tank, Muhammad Alhaji Yakubu, made the submission on Monday while answering questions from newsmen shortly after a prayer session for President Tinubu at Arewa House, Kaduna.

He said Northerners must put sentiments aside and tell themselves the truth. He regretted that a Northerner was at the affairs of the nation for eight years without impacting positively on the region.

In his view, in the interest of peace, the North can not lay claim to the presidency in 2027.


According to Yakubu, “Why will North stop President Tinubu, how can North stop him in 2027 after somebody from the North has done eight years? For us to have peace in this country the North has no option, no alternative than to vote Tinubu for another second term so that he can do eight years as well. What North should be thinking now is infrastructural and educational development.

“Considering the enormity of challenges facing the North now, it does not need political power now. We must put our house in order and tell each other the bitter truth. Insecurity challenges which we hoped that former President Muhammadu Buhari would have dealt with, but got worse. That means political power has no value for the North.

“However, it is all about democracy and politics when people begin to angling to run for the presidency, probably to beat Tinubu to it. Everybody has the right to contest for any political position in the country. They have the rights as enshrined in our constitution to freedom, and to associate. They can go ahead and contest. For us at Arewa Think Tank, nobody can stop us from supporting the President. All we know he will be in power for eight years.

“We had a Northern President who stayed in power for eight years. So there is no reason why we will not support President Tinubu for eight years. So far he has done a lot of work on infrastructures across the country. I was watching the minister of works, David Umahi saying that the Abuja, Kaduna, and Kano highways will be completed this year. This is very encouraging because the last administration in the last eight years could not fix it.

“And look at President Tinubu in less than one year in office, he is promising us that he will complete it. That is encouraging. So all we need to do is to continue to support and pray for him. As I earlier said at the initial take-off of Tinubu’s government, we in the Arewa Think Tank will give him one to one and half years before we start criticising him.


“We want to give him some benefits of the doubt, we want to give him breathing space because of the enormity of the challenges he inherited. It won’t be fair in less than one year to start criticising him. If there is a need, there is a channel to reach him. But for us to come out openly to criticise him we need up to one to one and half years. Until he failed to work on those areas we advised him, that is when we would start to criticise him. But for the time being, we will support him and continue to pray for him”.

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