My son was planning to get married – slain soldier’s mother

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Hanatu Hamman, mother of Late Lance Corporal Peter Hamman, one of the 17 troops of the Nigerian Army, who was killed in Delta State, says her son was planning to get married.

The military personnel were killed by irate youths during a communal clash over a land dispute.

According to the report, the personnel attached to the 181 Amphibious Battalion in Bomadi Local Government Area of Delta, were responding to a distress call when they were ambushed and killed.

After the killing, there were reports that the military was planning a reprisal on the communities involved.

However, denying the allegation, the Defence headquarters slammed the community and stressed that no amount of propaganda would stop culprits from being nabbed.

Speaking with Daily Trust Wednesday in Abuja on the sidelines of the national burial ceremony of the military personnel, Mrs Hamman described the death of her son as “shocking”.

In an emotional-laden voice, she said the deceased was already preparing for his wedding before his untimely death.

She said, “My son always listened to me. As he joined the Army, he was the one that gave me money to feed and even took care of my health when I’m down. When anything happened to me, I would call him at once and he would send me money to solve my problem.

“Now that he is no more, I still give God the glory. I’m in God’s hand now, I don’t have anyone to run to for help. Those soldiers left, may God help and protect them as they do their job. My son was planning to get married before his death.”

Theresa Ukem, mother of Late Major Obi, wondered why four children of the late military officer would be catered for and she would also be catered for.

Mrs Ukem said, “Major Obi was a nice son to me. Very good man. In everything, he is good. I miss him, I miss Obi. I don’t know how I’ll stay. Who will take care of me as a widow. Obi is my son. Who will help me?

“Obi has four children, three from the house wife and one from outside. I can only thank the Government for all they have done for us. That they bring our son me I even buried him. I say thank you. God will reward all of you for what you have done for us.

“I leave his killers with God. It is God that will fight the battle, I cannot fight it. It is Nigeria that will fight the battle. As for me, I leave them with God.”

On his part, Ahmed Abdul, the elder brother to Lance Corporal Ibrahim, urged President Bola Tinubu and the military authority to make all the promises a reality, adding that the family members could only be consoled a little bit with the promise.

He said, “It is a sad event. We have lost a brother that is the bread-winner of the family. He is a man of peace, he is a Muslim to the core. He is a man that if you don’t say go, he won’t go. He respects everybody in the family. He is caring.

“We received the news with great shock because it’s unexpected. He is not somebody that is troublesome. He is not somebody you will find where he is not supposed to be found. So, when the news came, it was so sad. It’s a great loss to the family.

“There is nothing that will compensate the life of a man. He died fighting for this country so that is our happiness. So, if government feels that this is what they can do according to Mr President, that this is what they can do the family, we appreciate them being the leadership.”

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