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Adebola Daniel

KFC: What Did You Father Do To Improve Lives Of Those Living With Disabilities?



Adebola Daniel, the son of a former Governor of Ogun State, Gbenga Daniel, has responded to a netizen who questioned what his father did for those living with disabilities during his tenure.

Naija News reports that this comes amidst the outrage that greeted the action of the international fast food restaurant chain, KFC, over its discriminatory treatment of Debola at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos State.

In a post via X, the netizen wrote with the handle Omotayo Williams, “Dear @deboladaniel Your father was Governor of Ogun State for 8 years. What initiatives did he undertake to improve the lives of people living with disabilities during his tenure?

“Your father wields significant influence in Nigeria. Apart from enhancing your own circumstances, what efforts has he made to support people with disabilities across the country?

“What contributions have you personally made to assist them? Or is your focus solely on yourself? Do the lives of others living with disabilities not matter to you?”


In response, Adebola expressed displeasure at how Williams wants to politicise his pain for engagement, stressing that the incident with KFC is a social matter, not politics.

Adebola further listed some of the things he had personally done for people living with disabilities, adding that he did not make noise about them.

He wrote, “My dear sir, I’m deeply saddened by this angle you have chosen to take. It’s simply unbecoming. You have chosen your words in a manner to tear me down than to build up. As a nation builder yourself sir, this is deeply sad. Today I choose not to get political with you because it is not a political matter, it is a social one. I will speak about me today, not anyone else.

“I do not believe in virtue signalling or posturing. When I help people, I do so quietly. I, Adebola, fund 27 charities monthly. 7 of them for children, 12 of them for PWD empowerments and the rest for employment. From paying for CV Rewrites, to raising funds on my birthday for PWD charities, I live a life of silence and given back. I won’t @anyone. But folks you know yourselves how I’ve taken it upon myself to show up especially when no one asks. I make no noise.

“This week, something happened to me that shook me to my core. Destabilised me and devastated me emotionally, I chose to speak out not to bully or harass, but to expose myself as a human in pain and hurting and you took that and trampled on it for retweets.


“Sir, shame on you. This your questions that means so much to you, I will answer them AFTER this situation is done. You will not politicise my pain for engagements. You and I know you’re above that. I implore to be the thing I want to be seen as more than anything else….. a human being.”

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