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“Is she normal?”- Lady shares video of strange behaviour her friend displays every midnight



A Nigerian lady identified as @afroblueries1 has taken to social media to share the strange behaviour that her friend displays every midnight.

According to @afroblueries1, the unusual behavior displayed by her friend occurs in the middle of the night.

@afroblueries1 captured one of these moments on video, where her friend, in a sleep-induced state, attempted to move around with her eyes closed tightly.

The video shows the sleepy lady behaving as if she’s in total darkness, using her phone as a makeshift light source to see clearly.


Expressing surprise and curiosity, @afroblueries1 questioned her friend about the strange midnight behaviours, wondering if they were caused by a vision or a dream.

She reminded her friend that they were not in a dark place, yet she continued to act as if she were surrounded by darkness.

The viral video has since sparked a wave of reactions online, with netizens speculating about the nature of the dreams or vision that may be triggering such unusual behavior.

Netizens Reactions…

khinna said; “She’s not sleepwalking… She might have a tumor that hurts when she opens her eyes to light after long darkness.”

Bint fatima said; “My sister use to sleepwalk too but my dad said to leave her by the time she will reach bus stop her eyes go clear she go run back come house.”


Cleo patra said; “It’s very bad oooh e de do me for dream most times , she should see a pastor.” 

Destiny best said; “Pls next time hold her down first don’t let her move until she gets herself back, it’s always happened to me.”

REINA said; “One of my roommates will just wake up start saying. I said give me the file.”

Faith uzo said: ‘‘Why she no go dream wen she wear jumpsuit dey sleep.’

UDE❤CHIAMAKA042 said; ‘‘Thank God say I no dey sleep walkna just sleep talk I dey do.” 


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