Insecurity: Nigeria has almost become graveyard for 10 years

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The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, says Nigeria has become almost graveyard for the five to 10 years as a result of insecurity, describing the situation as unacceptable and urging the government to design a template to end it now.

While fielding questions on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, the clergyman said Nigeria is a broken nation that needs healing.

He lamented about the number of deaths being recorded across the country daily, saying Nigeria had become a graveyard of sorts.

“This is a severely broken nation, a severely fractured nation. The evidence is before all of us and what we have been doing in the name of politics is just picking up the pieces.

“The half a million abandoned projects that litter this country are a testament to the brokenness of our country. The very fact that hundreds of Nigerian citizens are still in captivity is evidence of the brokenness of our society.

“The evidence that the country in the last five or 10 years had become almost a graveyard of sorts and we are burying people in their hundreds and we are not in a war. We don’t need to look further to see how broken our country has been,” Bishop Kukah said.

He said the government should start the healing process by tackling insecurity headlong.

“Ordinary farmers just want to go back to their farms. People just want to be able to get back to their lives. Ending insecurity is the beginning of this healing and a decisive programme and plan to end it is the beginning of the healing,” he added.

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