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Dunsin Oyekan

“I don’t charge to perform in an event but the Lord blesses me” – Dunsin Oyekan



Sensational gospel musician, Dunsin Oyekan explains why he doesn’t charge to perform his songs at events.

The musician was briefly interviewed by the content creator Timi Agbaje who asked him how he gets into the right mood before singing.

Dunsin Oyekan charge perform events don't Dunsin Oyekan charge perform events don't
Dunsin Oyekan.

The interviewer, Timi Agbaje called Dunsin Oyekan’s attention to how come secular musicians get into the right mood by getting high on alcohol.

Dunsin Oyekan noted that for him to get into the right frame of mind to do music, he prays and try to get into the spirit by speaking in tongues.

When asked whether a gospel artist should charge for performing at an event, Dunsin Oyekan stated that it depends on the consecration of the musician.

According to Dunsin, for some their consecration lets them charge; however, he doesn’t because of his own consecration.


Dunsin maintained that he doesn’t charge to perform at events but the Lord continues to bless him.

Watch him speak below …

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