How Yoghurt Can Improve Your Immune System

Sotibe Nigeria Ltd, makers of Dolait Yogurt, says the new product is made to boost immune system.

Its General Manager, Mr Monah Chalabi, said that the product was unique and healthy.

Speaking during the unveiling of the product in Lagos, Chalabi said that the unveiling of the product marked the beginning of a healthy era for both children and adults, male and female in Nigeria.

He said that Sotibe Nig. Ltd, the manufacturer of Dolait Yoghurt, had existed in Nigeria since 2016.

”We thought this is the right time to formally launch our product to the yearning people of Nigeria, giving Nigeria a tasty and nutritious product with a pocket-friendly price.

”Dolait Yoghurt has been the favourite of Camerounians and some other African countries for 16 years, giving the yearning populace a healthy product with nutritional values.

”Our organisation also has a factory in Cotonou, Benin Republic, that serves both the Benin Republic community and the Nigerian market.

”Dolait Yoghurt contains the best of ingredient, produced under hygienic environment and well-packaged to customers delight.

”It is handy and easy to hold when drinking. Dolait Yoghurt, if not frozen, does not spoil like other yoghurts that you have known in the past.

”It is best served chilled and it is a consumable for all, both sick and healthy,” Chalabi said.

He said that he was positive that Nigerian children would soon make Dolait yoghurt their favorite and yearn for it every time.

According to him, Dolait Yoghurt is convenient to take to school, very good as party edible and even souvenir.

”We do not use preservatives in our product, so it has between 30 to 60 days shelf-life,” he said.

A medical practitioner, Dr Eruotor Martins, described Dolait Yoghurt as a natural bio-product, “a bacteria product that is healthy for the individual.”

Martins said that “the product was healthy for the guts; for the intestines, such that when taken, the yoghurt aids digestion of food.”

He said that the yoghurt absorbed food in a way that the waste products were minimal.

According to him, Dolait Yoghurt aids individuals who are ill, people who are diabetic as it reduces the incidence of Type2 Diabetes.

”This is because when you break down carbohydrate properly, there will not be excess and sugar will not spike up,” he said.

Martins said that Dolait Yoghurt helped to prevent mood swing, especially for women who were menstruating.

NAN reports that Dolait Yoghurt comes in different flavours of Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Apricot, Grenadines, Natural Flavour and in different packages like 500g 125g, 70g and 200ml.


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    It’s nice if you can keep up to the standard you are starting with

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    It is a good thing for the body if doing well

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    It is nice to know things that will help our body function well

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    Lovely information didn’t have the slightest idea…going tru article helps

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    I can attest to it. Doctors will advice you eat it especially unsweetened

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    This good news because i love yoghurt so much and knowing that it has some health benefits makes me love it the more

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    Beautiful and insightful post. I see this to be educative

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    I see this to be educative. This good news because i love yoghurt .

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    I have not seen this dolait brand of yogurt oooo

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    I love yoghurt but i am particular about the conditions under which it is produced like it is rightly stated in the article.

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