“How Do I Know If My Girlfriend Will Get Fat When I Marry Her?”

Almost all the married women in my hood,usually get fat after giving birth, even the ones that I knew were very slim.
Anyway fat, is a turn off for me,and I will like to know if you can predict.
In summary, are there ways to know if a woman will later get fat.

What do you think?

  1. Abraham Eguaoje1 month agoReply

    When you see a Slim lady with stretch marks on her legs, just be prepared to get her bigger cloth sizes

    • muhammed ismail1 month ago

      Hahahah you dey funny ooo my brother . . .

    • bestman julius1 month ago

      forget about Stretch marks, when it’s there it’s and when it’s not there it’s not.

    • Babafemi Ajayi1 month ago

      I even see most women who get stretch marks but arent fat after delivery, i use to believe that in the past but not any more

    • Ifeanyi Uduma1 month ago

      thats not really true, my mum have some but when you see her even @55, you will ask if i am their lastborn and she my elder sister

  2. Oriyomi Jolaoso1 month agoReply

    My thought is this: everyone has stretch marks on one part of their body or the other. Fat is usually in the blood.
    Look at the family of your girlfriend, are they dominantly fat or dominantly slim? That should give you an idea.

    • muhammed ismail1 month ago

      Yes you get a point . . . . .

    • Babafemi Ajayi1 month ago

      Thats one good point, it runs in the blood, you need to check the father, mother, the mother siblings and fatber siblings to know that. My gf family na very slim den be, even the men, so i know alreafy what is to come

    • princesswealth2 weeks ago

      Exactly. That’s the point I wanna comment. Its in the blood

  3. Olayinka Olawale1 month agoReply

    Before you marry her, you will have been seeing traces. Mostly, consider her family, know the gene they carry, are they always fat or slim. You need to know this before marrying her

    • Damilola Akinwunmi1 month ago

      I think this is a very good reply…. I’ll surely put this to mind!

  4. Fatima Yerima1 month agoReply

    There are no any signs that shows that woman will be fat or not after marrige

  5. Israel Ebhodaghe1 month agoReply

    Well for me i think it’s not in every woman’s nature to get fat once they start having children. Only those that work on there body structure will eventually keep their original shape.

  6. Oyeniran Christopher Dayo1 month agoReply

    Hmm.. well women can change a lot after birth. Many factors could contribute to fatness.

  7. Tosin Fakanye1 month agoReply

    Take a good look at her mother and observe her eating and resting reaction.

  8. Unuajohwofia akpevwe Twezzy1 month agoReply

    If she is chubby before you marry her she wil surely get fat

  9. Olaomotito Success1 month agoReply

    You should be looking for your soul mate and not beauty

  10. Yusuf Kabir1 month agoReply

    Take a good look at her mother and observe her eating and resting reaction.

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