Group Condemns Delta Communal Crisis, Killing Of 17 Soldiers

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A group, Northern Youth Progressive Network (NYPN) has condemned the heinous communal dispute that occurred between Okoloba and Okuama communities in Delta State, resulting in the cold-blooded murder of 17 soldiers.

The convener of NYPN, Comrade Bala Mohammed, in a press statement, expressed deepest condolences to the Nigerian Army and the Federal Government of Nigeria over the tragic turn of events.

He said the recent outbreak of violence in Okoloba and Okuama communities was a reprehensible act that has shocked all, adding that the loss of soldiers’ lives in such a brutal manner is a stark reminder of the dangers faced by members of the Armed Forces in their unwavering commitment to protecting the nation.

The group, therefore, called for a quick resolution of the crisis, urging all stakeholders to sheath their swords even as it cautioned against dragging Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited (TSSNL) into the crisis.

“We stand united in grief with the families of the fallen soldiers, offering our heartfelt condolences and unwavering support during this period of immense sorrow.

“The Northern Youth Progressive Network firmly advocates for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the promotion of harmony within communities.

“We call upon all parties involved in the dispute to renounce violence and embrace dialogue as the only viable means to address their grievances.


It is imperative that community leaders, stakeholders, and relevant authorities come together to engage in sincere dialogue, mediation, and reconciliation efforts to restore peace and stability in the affected areas.

“In addition, we would like to emphasise with the facts available in public domain, in fairness, Tantita Security Services should not be dragged into any allegation concerning the aforementioned communal dispute.

“Tantita Security Services has been widely recognised as a beacon of peace and order in the Niger Delta region. Their unwavering commitment to maintaining security and their significant contributions in combating oil theft, has enabled Nigeria to meet its OPEC crude oil quota, thereby increasing the nation’s foreign reserves, boosting of foreign investors’ confidence in the oil and gas sector, creation of employment opportunities for the youths of the nation, particularly those engaged by Tantita and the restoration of aquatic life to our maritime domain, hence the Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited deserves recognition and appreciation in sustaining the economic lifeline of the nation.

“We are aware that the oil thieves are hell bent to sabotage efforts of the Federal Government, NNPCL, Tantita Security Services, Nigeria Army and other security formations in restoring sanity to the oil and gas sector.

“The Northern Youth Progressive Network urges the Nigerian government to provide the necessary support, resources, and reinforcement to the security agencies involved in maintaining law and order. It is crucial to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the root causes of the dispute, with a focus on addressing underlying issues and preventing future conflicts.

“Sustainable peace can only be achieved through inclusive governance, equitable development, and the protection of lives and property.

“We firmly believe that the Niger Delta region has the potential for sustainable growth and prosperity. By promoting peace, security, and the fight against oil theft, we can create an environment that fosters economic development, job creation, and improved livelihoods for the people of the region,” Mohammed stated.


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