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World Update

Gaza: Israeli govt recalls ambassador to Spain



The Israeli government has ordered the recall of the country’s ambassador to Spain.

According to CNN, Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, also summoned the ambassadors of Norway and Ireland for “reprimand talks,” during which they will watch a stark video taken during Hamas’ October 7 attacks, the Israeli foreign ministry said in a statement.

“History will remember that Spain, Norway and Ireland decided to award a gold medal to the murderers and rapists of Hamas who raped teenage girls and burned babies,” Katz said.

“Israel will not let it stand – their step will have serious consequences,” Katz added.


The development came after Spain, Norway and Ireland announced plans to formally recognize a Palestinian state.

According to the report, Irish Foreign Minister Micheál Martin stated that the recognition will come into force in all three countries on May 28.

Source link: Nigerianeye

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