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From Labs to Pharma: Medlab West Africa & Pharmaconex unveil future of West African healthcare



Exciting news for the West African healthcare sector! Medlab West Africa, the region’s leading medical laboratory event, returns to Lagos, Nigeria for a standalone event this April. This year, it joins forces with the inaugural Pharmaconex West Africa, creating a powerful duo set to reshape the healthcare landscape and accelerate innovation across the region.

The event, scheduled for April 22-24, 2024 at the Landmark Centre, offers a unique opportunity for industry professionals, thought leaders, and businesses to collaborate and drive positive change. This comes at a critical time, as recent reports highlight a concerning exodus of medical laboratory scientists from the region. Medlab West Africa aims to address this need by providing a dedicated platform focused on the evolving needs of the medical laboratory sector.

A Hub for Knowledge Sharing and Innovation
Medlab West Africa will boast a comprehensive program featuring over 3,500 visitors, 150+ exhibitors from more than 30 countries, and six high-level CPD-accredited conferences.

Attendees can expect to:
• Deepen their knowledge through targeted sessions led by renowned experts.
• Explore the latest advancements in laboratory technology, diagnostics, and research.
• Network with a diverse range of stakeholders, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
• Address critical topics like laboratory management, haematology & blood transfusion, clinical microbiology & parasitology, and more.


As Tom Coleman, Senior Exhibition Director of Medlab Series commented, “The return of Medlab West Africa marks a significant step forward in our mission to empower the West African medical laboratory sector. By fostering collaboration, career development, and knowledge exchange, we are contributing to strengthening the region’s healthcare infrastructure, improving patient outcomes, and creating a vibrant ecosystem where knowledge and expertise congregate.”

Pharma Meets Diagnostics: A Powerful Combination
The co-location with Pharmaconex West Africa adds another exciting dimension. This event, making its West African debut, brings a decade of global experience to the table. Pharmaconex West Africa connects over 2,000 pharmaceutical professionals with key decision-makers across the entire pharmaceutical value chain. This fosters collaboration and explores innovations in drug discovery, development, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Mostapha Khalil, Group Exhibition Director of Pharmaconex, also commented, “We are thrilled to bring Pharmaconex West Africa to Nigeria, offering a platform for collaboration and innovation within the region’s rapidly growing pharmaceutical industry. By connecting key stakeholders across the value chain, we aim to accelerate medicine discovery, development, and manufacturing, ultimately improving access to life-saving medication for all.”

“By co-locating with Medlab West Africa, we are creating a unique opportunity for stakeholders across the entire healthcare ecosystem to come together. This will foster knowledge exchange and collaboration, and ultimately accelerate innovation that can benefit patients across West Africa.” He continued.

A Unique Synergy for Improved Healthcare
The combined force of Medlab West Africa and Pharmaconex West Africa creates a unique synergy. This collaboration promises to:


• Break down silos between different healthcare sectors.
• Facilitate knowledge sharing and innovation across the entire healthcare ecosystem.
• Address the challenges and opportunities facing West African healthcare.
• Ultimately, improve access to life-saving medication and better patient outcomes for all.

This event is a significant step towards a more vibrant and innovative healthcare landscape in West Africa. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it!

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