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Former Indian special forces operative arrested in Zimbabwe



Former Indian special forces operative arrested in Zimbabwe

A former member of the Indian Special Forces Unit, Sudhu Sarup Singh, has been arrested by operatives of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) in Zimbabwe.


The arrest took place during a sting operation at an upscale restaurant in Harare, where Singh was found in the company of unidentified individuals.


The implicated unit had previously been active in the war-torn Cabo Delgado region of Mozambique, where
they were involved in combating Islamist insurgents.



It was gathered that Singh allegedly misrepresented his intentions upon arrival, posing as an investor and even meeting. President Emmerson Mnangagwa. However, it was later revealed that he engaged in dubious business


Sources within the CIO told NewZimbabwe that Singh is currently being held at Borrowdale Police Station. There are indications that he might face criminal charges or, if fortunate, deportation.



Notably, Singh’s daughter, whose name has not been disclosed, is among the 100 Indians he reportedly smuggled into the country. She is also under the CIO’s scrutiny and is expected to be arrested and deported, according to an inside source.


Source link: Linda Ikeji/