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Former football federation president receives life sentence for corruption



Chen Xuyuan, who previously served as the president of China’s Football Federation (CFA), has been sentenced to life in prison due to corruption charges.

During his tenure from 2019 to 2023, Xuyuan held the position of the head of the CFA, when he, along with other former staff members, faced allegations of participating in corruption within the organisation.

Former President of Chinese Football Federation found guilty of corruption

According to reports from China’s state-controlled news agency Xinhua (via Daily Mail), the 67-year-old received money and gifts in exchange for his role in organising sporting events and securing sporting contracts.

In January of this year, Xuyuan confessed to accepting bribes totalling £8.9 million. Subsequently, on Tuesday, he was handed a life sentence by the Intermediate People’s Court of Huangshi.


The report adds that three other officials have also been handed prison sentences, ranging from eight to 14 years, for their involvement in corrupt activities.

China’s stand against corruption should be lauded

China’s proactive measures against corruption in football are laudable and send a clear message of discouragement to potential offenders in the future.

Football is a sport that combines moments of beauty with moments of darkness, and corruption represents one of the most troubling aspects of the game.

Corruption within football organisations can have far-reaching consequences, affecting the allocation of resources, the development of grassroots initiatives, and the overall governance of the sport.



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