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Cubana Chief Priest

Entrepreneur shares dream she had about Cubana Chief Priest



An entrpreneur stirs reactions online as she shares the dream she had about the renowned businessman, Cubana Chief Priest.

The entrepreneur known as Vera Onyekwere on Facebook took to the platform to reveal that she dreamt that Cubana Chief Priest visited her home in his Rolls Royce.

Cubana Chief Priest entrepreneur dream birthday Cubana Chief Priest entrepreneur dream birthday
Cubana Chief Priest.

She said that Cubana Chief Priest was discussing with her husband when she asked someone to rush inside and get her phone so she and the socialite can take photos.

According to her, Cubana Chief Priest, in the dream, handed her husband a stack of bundle covered in white nylon to give her.

Cubana Chief Priest entrepreneur dream birthday Cubana Chief Priest entrepreneur dream birthday

She revealed that when she woke up it happened to be the celebrity barman’s birthday.

Her words …


“I hope it’s not malaria🙆‍♀️ I dreamt last night where cubana chief priest came to my house with his Rolls Royce 🚘

my phone was plugged inside and I told someone to help me bring it so we can take pictures when he was about to leave , He was discussing with my husband

I was still wasting time to bring my phone , he gave my husband a stack of bundle still wrapped in a white nylon to give to madam, like those bundles of money the sale in clubs ( you know how dream works you will be seeing and hearing everything all together)
I came out , husband man handed over the gift to me and I thank Chief priest

I woke up , opened Instagram and today happens to be Cubana Chiefpriest birthday”

Munirat Abdullahi said: “’s a sign of good things coming your way ma. Note this. Happy birthday sir.”

Davidson Ebuka said: “Maybe it’s typhoid but it will be a dream come true.”


Divine Uchechi said: “It will come to pass. You deserve everything good mama.”

Bridget Nkechi Onyije said: “Dreams come true. I pray you receive more than you deserve . Happy birthday to him.”

Queen Otagada said: “Wow it is a very good one .it will come to pass… Happy birthday to him.”

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