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Deactivate social media accounts for Ramadan, Cleric counsels Muslims



Muslim across the country have been advised to deactivate their Facebook and other social media accounts during the forthcoming Ramadan.

The move, it was noted, would ensure proper focus and discipline to guide against distractions while the month-long fast lasts.

The advice was handed down by Dr Nafiu Ahmed Arikewuyo Al-Jawharih, while speaking at a Ramadan seminar organised by the Muslim Congress (TMC), Kwara State, in conjunction with other Islamic bodies.

According to him, “Muslims should deactivate Facebook and other social media accounts because of unsolicited immoral content. The negative impact of this on our fast is extremely damaging and deceptive.


“Some Muslims have had the opportunity to fast for 35 years but don’t have a single point with Allah because of their actions pre and during Ramadan.

“Yet, a single Ramadan with proper connection with Allah can make all the difference as some Hadith have shown.”

He said that is why Islam frowned at abstaining from food and drinks only while fasting, adding that “our ears, eyes and feet including all parts of our body must be involved in the exercise”.

He warned those who try to be smarter than Allah by continuous engagement in zina, alcohol and other sins with the intention to quit a day before Ramadan will lose out of Allah’s mercy.

“Allah will screen such people’s hearts and make it difficult to perform good deeds during the month”, he noted.


The senior lecturer in Al-Hikmah University, Kwara, listed taubah, lowering of gaze, reading the Qur’an with its meanings and revival of Iman among others as prerequisite preparation for accepted Ramadan.

In his welcome address, the Deputy Chairman, Organising Committee, Engr Bashir Olalekan Ariyo, said Muslims need to consciously prepare for Ramadan in line with importance attached to the month by Allah.

He said the aim of the programme was to provide the Muslim with the right attitude and strategy to benefit maximally from the fast adding that losers in the month are the most unfortunate.

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