BREAKING: Israel Army Deploys Reinforcements After Trump Jerusalem Move


The Israeli military said on Thursday it was deploying reinforcements to the occupied West Bank after US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“Upon the conclusion of the general staff’s situation assessment, it was decided that a number of battalions will reinforce in the area of (the West Bank), as well as combat intelligence and territorial defence,” the military said in a statement.

“In addition, more standby forces were defined, as part of the (military’s) readiness to possible developments.”



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  1. author

    SYLVESTER ROBINSON7 days agoReply

    i hope this will not lead to war anyway.

  2. author

    Akinkuade Ayomide israel7 days agoReply

    I smell war o

  3. author

    Chinedu Anaekwe7 days agoReply

    hope this will not lead to war

  4. author

    akinade akinwunmi7 days agoReply

    i smell discord between US and her ally

  5. author

    Funke AKINWANDE6 days agoReply

    Nice information

  6. author

    Olawale Obafemi6 days agoReply

    God bless Israel

  7. author

    elvis boss6 days agoReply

    Even in the Bible Jerusalem is Israel’s capital

  8. author

    Amadi Anthony Ebere6 days agoReply

    i hope this will not lead to war anyway.

  9. author

    Ezekiel Ihejika6 days agoReply

    I love this God bless Israel.

  10. author

    Israel Ebhodaghe6 days agoReply

    I hope it don’t turn into something else.

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