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Abuja School reacts to viral video of student being bullied



Lead British International School in Abuja has responded to
a distressing viral video depicting a female student being bullied by her


The school management has affirmed its disapproval of the
incident and announced the initiation of an investigation into the matter.


The circulating videos sparked outrage on social media,
showing a female student from the school being harassed by fellow students in
what appears to be an interrogation session



The victim was subjected to multiple slaps by another female
student, with other students present, seemingly aware of the situation.


An X user @mooyeeeeeee posted an urgent plea for justice for
the victim, alongside the videos, advocating for a broader social movement
against bullying.



The X user wrote: “There’s a video I’m about to post. I need
you guys to help me get justice for her. She was bullied in her school by her
classmates at Lead British School, Abuja. Please make it go viral so she can
get justice.”


One of the videos captures a girl slapping the victim while
asking, “Who broke my heart?” While in another video, the victim sits next to a
male student who admits, “I spoilt her relationship.”


Abraham Ogunkambi, the Head of Lead British International School, issued a statement on Tuesday, explaining the steps being taken by the school.


“The school management is treating this matter with the utmost seriousness,” Ogunkambi asserted. He added that the school has already been in contact with the victim and her parents, offering support and counseling services to help them manage the emotional and psychological effects of the incident.



Ogunkambi also announced that the school would provide counseling and impose disciplinary actions on the perpetrators to correct their behaviour.


He added that panel has also been set up to investigate the matter and other allegations of bullying within the school. 

Source link: Nigerianeye

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