WTF! Man Arrested For defiling Donkey Till It Fainted, Demonstrate To Police How He Did It (Video)

A yet to be identified middle aged man was caught defiling s a donkey somewhere in Zimbabwe.

While details pertaining to how he got arrested are yet to be ascertained, however, he was recorded while admitting in a police station how he sexually feasted on the poor Jennet (a name of a female donkey).

What even shocked the police officers who can be heard speaking in the background and asking him questions is the allegation that he defiled the donkey till it lost consciousness.

He demonstrated how he defiled the poor animal till it fainted, watch the video below!

[embedded content]

Source – Naijaloaded


  1. offor Bartholomew Aloysius2 weeks agoReply

    It’s just three hundred naira for public S*x hawkers why kill the innocent animal

  2. Kelechi Okehie2 weeks agoReply

    I should watch the video? Really?

    There is nothing that will surprise me again. It is beginning of the end of man’s existence.

  3. Eklou Gbenga Tunde2 weeks agoReply

    This man needs medical check up,
    not sure if he is mentally fit

  4. Daniel Eduvie2 weeks agoReply

    Abomination, what kind of middle age man this. Have S*x with animal. God forbid

  5. Nwaneke Kizito2 weeks agoReply

    Human beings have totally lost their sense of reasoning, how can you have s*x with a donkey? Man?

  6. theolad2 weeks agoReply

    This is out of ignorance. This is bad for human being

  7. Sylvanus Nwachukwu2 weeks agoReply

    It is satanism and Biblical prophecy as a sign preceding the last days.

  8. babatunde Ojelabi2 weeks agoReply

    he must be crazy, is it that there are no women in zimbabwe if he wish to have fun?………

  9. GRACE DOOSHIMA TSE2 weeks agoReply

    Let him be medically examined before he get infected and transfer it to human

  10. Oluwatosin Enijuni2 weeks agoReply

    What is wrong with the populace of nowadays…. Very awkward and bizarre things are what we hear….donkey for that matter

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