Wow! Y’all need to see the look on CeeC’s face as Tobi and Bambam bond

The look on Ceec’s face as Tobi bonded with Bambam is priceless. Earlier today, Biggie chained housemates together with someone who isn’t their official pair and instructed them not to talk to anyone except the person they are chained to. 

Tobi, who is officially paired with Ceec was chained to Bambam. The look on Ceec’s face as he was having an interesting conversation with Bambam was epic. Watch the video below


  1. John kosi2 weeks agoReply

    BBN wahala this does not in any way move me.

  2. Derick T H2 weeks agoReply

    Lol maybe she wasn’t even thinking about that ooo jor

  3. Nwokoye Chibuzor2 weeks agoReply

    i even like the face like that bc she look more serious

  4. Noah3882 weeks agoReply

    Smell jealousy from ceec. May be she likes tobi. Bbn

  5. Kelechi Okehie2 weeks agoReply

    That look, from the pic above, is of one who is about to commit murder and not afraid to surrender to the law enforcement afterwards.

  6. Samchesrudder2 weeks agoReply

    Haha.. Maybe she’s been eyeing the guy before, take heart.

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