Wow; Comedian I Go Dye Builds A Mansion For His Mum (Photo)

Ace humour merchant, I Go Dye, born Francis Agoda has done what every good child would want to do for their mum in a special way as the word reaching Weekend Groove has it that he has built a house for him mum.

Though the location of the house is still not known as at press time but its picture, through a very reliable source, has been made available to Weekend Groove. And it is certainly a beauty to behold.

The house, which seems to stand on its own ground, with all modern finishing, is a palatial edifice, painted in all-white with stripes of gold to give off a picture of sheer splendour.

No doubt, the building must have put a huge dent in the comedian’s bank account, but it has been his life-long dream to do something special for his mum.

I Go dye who celebrated his 20 years in the industry recently has a story of ‘grass to grace’ to tell.

“Well, growing up wasn’t rosy at all, some said they had silver spoon but for me, there was no spoon at all, it was just creating means for myself to fend for myself,” he once said in an interview with Vanguard.

“All my early days were spent in the village with my grandmother, who nurtured me with so much traditional values that later amused my peers when I got back to primary school in Warri. There was so much difficulty for my age mates to comprehend my ideas and values of life. It was seen most times that I was saying things that were not achievable because they felt I knew more than my age. I had difficulty also conforming to their standard and it took me sometime to study their moral upbringing, which had so much difference from the way life was in the village and living with an old woman. More so, the challenges of life are so much, it took me strong personal conviction to stand firmly on my belief and dreams”.

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  1. author

    Emioge Oghenethoja4 months agoReply

    She Deserves It

  2. author

    Arinoye Peter4 months agoReply

    Mother deserve more than that kudos to you man you can do more

  3. author

    JEREMIAH EFEKODO4 months agoReply

    It’s good to remember ur parents when u arrived cus through dem God brought u to life. It’s Good thing u remember ur mum. Kudos

  4. author

    Philip Hezekiah4 months agoReply

    she deserve more than that,because she is the best mother to him

  5. author

    kayode oyebanji4 months agoReply

    Wow..this iovely…my dream also

  6. author

    Martins Timilehin3 months agoReply


  7. author

    Abdulsalami Abdullahi3 months agoReply

    Wat a blessing to his mum

  8. author

    frank akobundu2 months agoReply

    This is a home

  9. author

    Godly Ofekeze2 months agoReply

    The mother must have suffered a lot . I go die really did great for remembering his mother. God blesd

  10. author

    Babatunde Akinola2 months agoReply

    Now this is really mind blowing. God bless me too to make much more for my mum

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