Women And Man Caught Selling Vultures As Chicken Meat In Bayelsa (Photos)

A man and other women have been apprehended by members of the Bayelsa state Vigilante Network for allegedly cooking, preparing vultures and selling them as chicken meat to the general public.

Three women, who identified themselves as Doris, Finegirl, and Beauty, and hail from Ughelli community, in Delta state, were apprehended by the Vigilante network at the Tombia market Etegwe, Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa state and were handed over to men of the Akenfa Division, Bayelsa Police command.

The women who confessed selling Vulture meat and carcasses of donkeys to unsuspecting buyers, added that they import these meats from neighbouring states into the state and sell at cheap and affordable prices to buyers, mostly those who own restaurants, bars and canteens.

Speaking with reporters during a parade of the suspects, the Yenagoa coordinator of the Vigilante Network, Comrade Bunas Samuel, advised all Bayelsans to be on alert and be careful on what they consume. He called on NAFDAC to live up to it’s responsibility and checkmate the activities of food hawkers.

A man was also apprehended in Yenagoa, by members of the Bayelsa state Vigilante Network, for allegedly cooking and preparing vultures and selling them as chicken meat to the general public.

The man was apprehended at the popular slaughter place, at Tombia Market, Etegwe Yenagoa was caught when field commanders of the Vigilante network led by Godwin Avidi, were on patrol around the market axis, at exactly 11:43pm on Wednesday 30th August.

According to Godwin, the patrol team observed suspicious movement at the slaughter place, and trailed it.

“To our greatest imagination, we saw about thirty dead vultures, all prepared to be placed inside a hot pot of boiling water, we called the attention of the police and handed the suspect over to them, before then, he confessed to us, that, he uses dead meat bones to attract the vultures and then uses chemicals to kill them, and he has been in this business for years, selling them to market women and chicken traders at Major markets and chicken sales point in the state”, Godwin said.

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  2. Sylvanus Anakebe5 months agoReply

    Lols, all of them Na birds, God help us

  3. Anthony Michael5 months agoReply

    Police should at least get the list of restaurant owners that he knows, then from there the chain of referrals would be indentified. Wicked things people do to get money. Such people can even sell human parts as meat for people.
    Restaurant owners avoid street side meat vendors, go to the approved market to buy. People open your eyes, ask your mama put to turn their soup from buttom up, some are so fetish that you’d live Snakes of course no be ordinary snake….na Africa you dey o

  4. kayode oyebanji5 months agoReply

    God help us…how will someone differentiate this meats now?

  5. Deborah Shaanu5 months agoReply

    We really should be careful of what we eat and where we get our food stuff from. God help us.

  6. love Owhor5 months agoReply

    they get mind ooh

    • ODY ANIEDO4 weeks ago

      no be small

  7. frank akobundu5 months agoReply

    It looks like real broiler chicken to me oo

  8. Idiong Nduehe5 months agoReply

    Jesus ….really

  9. AFOLABI MAYOWA5 months agoReply

    kudos to our vigilante

  10. Daniel Zephaniah5 months agoReply

    Where do they come across the vultures they sell.
    So we cannot eat meat again some will sell human meat, others vultures what a nonsense.

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