Wizkid blasts African awards organisers [VIDEO]

Nigerian ‘starboy’ Wizkid has blasted award organizers who downgrade African artistes at shows in contradiction to international artistes.

Wizkid in an interview with NBS Uganda while on a tour said the unequal treatment by organisers is the reason he does not show up for such awards.

According to him, the only way African awards will be wildly recognised like Grammys is when organisers show equal treatment and love to both local and international artistes.

He said, “I don’t go for African awards because they give awards offstage.

“To elevate ourselves and get recognition worldwide, Nigerian artistes need to stop taking nonsense from anyone that’s trying to give us shows or awards backstage.

“I don’t take nonsense from anyone that tries to look down on Africans or African entertainment .

“If you’re not going to show us same love you show international artistes on stage don’t show us no love.

“We don’t want it, we have our people’s support.”


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  1. author

    Osinachi Ubochi7 days agoReply

    He’s saying the truth

  2. author

    Olajitan Modokpe7 days agoReply

    good talk, we need to stand our ground

  3. author

    Chinonso Ezenwa7 days agoReply

    Nice info

  4. author

    ODOR PASCHAL7 days agoReply

    Yes, we really need to stand our ground. 9ja no de carry last.
    I rep my country.
    I rep Nigeria …

  5. author

    Adeyera Adeyemi7 days agoReply

    I had been waiting for a top Nigerian artiste to say this which am surprised and happy it came through Wizkid. The way African shows/awards organizers do embrace foreign guest artistes is somehow which they need to change.
    African artistes must be recognized just like foreign artistes.

  6. author

    Muhammed Solih7 days agoReply

    Nice info

  7. author

    Ezekiel Ihejika6 days agoReply

    Thank you for letting us know.

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